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Masterpiece Scenarios with Real-Life Combat Situations!

This is a "realistic" situation that may actually occur――

This edition - the latest one in the series - incorporates scenarios that have as a central theme incidents that put the world order in an insecure position, Mop-up operation of the warlord of the try Tribal Area by the joint strategy, The case that a Green Zone embassy was attacked in a trench mortar, Suppression of the United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship in a country of great river Mekong, The interim government Allied Forces the fight against Terrorist organization and the military coup brought.

Two Countries Joint Warfare

Afghanistan / Pakistan Joint Warfare Joint Warfare Between Two Countries in a Tribal Area.

Few people know about Mr.O."Characterized by a black turban and being blind on one eye, he is rather reserved, though his words are forceful and endlessly inspiring his devotees.He is a prominent leader able to encounter never-ending hardship with an indomitable mindset.""…… is what is being mentioned here and there. However, about his real identity little is known.As opposed to the man everyone is afraid of, he barely ever appears in the media.Mr.O. He was a leader of a certain Armed organization. "
"The dispute in Country Blue, starting in 1978 and going on for 11 years, ended with Victory of the Country Blue after a prolonged war lasting for 10 years.
The Bear, unable to pass through the Mountainous area crossroad, was gnawed in the windpipe and ripped into pieces by the Lion of Panjshir."
"Nevertheless, post-war Country Blue transformed into a hell where warlords who struggled against each other are waging war for each others blood.
Among them rose the armed organization led by Mr.O"

No More Change

No More Change Country Green, to all deployed troops

The Green Zone."A paradise of pretention. A pig nest fattened by the trans-fatty acids clumped in the oil of Country Green.""An area stretching over approximately 10 square kilometers under direct control of Country Blue situated in the Country Green central area."
"This place with hamburger chains opening up shops and even equipped with resort facilities resembles and appears to be a Country Blue in Enclave."
January 2009. "The Army of Country Blue hands over the security rights of its Army jurisdiction Capital in Country Green. - nicknamed the ""Green Zone"" to the government of Country Green. The Army of Country Blue shifted its policy from a strategy of sweeping up terrorism to counterterrorism and reconciliation with insurgents and brought back domestic public order under the influence of surges.
Preparations were steadily proceeding towards the full withdrawal of the Army of Country Blue in December 2011."
"The Green Zone is in a sense a virtual space created in Country Green Capital.
Here, luxurious building blocks stand in sharp contrast to the downtown that crumbled under the fires of war."
The Armed Forces of Country Blue are people brought back to a foreign country where car bombs explode.

Disputes at the Kingdom

ASEAN Protests Proclamation of a state of emergency at the Kingdom of Blue

The year 201X. The Kingdom of Blue turns red.The stream of the mighty River dries up as the sound of gun shots echoes through the Capital. The Kingdom has lost its famous fine smile.
Mr.Shin was not an average man.
It was the poor people left out of development that supported Mr.Shin in becoming Prime Minister in 2001.
It happened immediately just at the moment of the wordwide economic crisis. The Paper Money currency turned blood red as the Capital was crammed with unemployed. Mr.Shin appeared literally as a Messiah in the Kingdom of Blue.
However, Mr.Shin was not a Messiah or more.
"Backed up by tremendous support inspired by luring profits,
Mr.Shin was gradually showing his real character.The repression and massacre of the population in several provinces.
Deteriorating corruption even more than the military junta. And denial of any opposition justified for a war on drugs."
And then came the year 2006."An incident happened that would become the trigger for action.An abnormally low income tax rate become revealed during the sale of the telecommunications company of which he was chairman. The unembarrassed tax evasion scheme incurred the anger of the people of the Kingdom of Blue."

Listen to the Roaring Lion

Listen to the Roaring Lion A severe earthquake is rumbling the garrison of Country Red.

Beautiful flowers blooming wildly over dry and solid earth.
As long as these flowers are here, armed conflicts will not vanish from this country.
The scientific name of the flowers is Papaver Somniferum. They are poppies.
Country Blue produces 80 percent of opium traded over the whole world.
Poor Country Blue citizens are not able to quit poppy cultivation as it provides 3 times more profit than regular crop.
"Lovely looking but having the stench of death, these aromatic flowers flourish literally on the blood and corpses of the people of Country Blue.
As long as the coalition forces and Country Red keep their troops stationed in Country Blue, these abominable flowers will probably keep on flourishing."
"On December 200X, the President of Country Red kept a speech at the Military Academy at West Point,
and outlined the objectives of a new strategy in Country Blue."

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