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Realistically Represented Battlegrounds!

In addition to a battle of 2D which went in the conventional series, I doubled width of the rial fight of the plane, and movement and force increased.

In addition, in the backgrounds of the movement of the weapons such as a missile or the bomb and the weapon above the ground having increased improvement,I can taste more reality and sense of reality.

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Numerous Weapons Guaranteeing Intense and Real Battles!

A total amount of over 130 types of weapons appear in "Gendai Daisenryaku".

Starting with the "F-22A Raptor", admired as being the most powerful fighter jet ever, and the "B-2A Spirit", a heavy stealth bomber in the peculiar form of a flying wing, a wide variety of featured weaponry that will even let groan maniacs is surely going to rampage narrowly around your screen.

F-22A Raptor B-2A Spirit
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MiG-29 Fulcrum T-80U
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Fearsome yet Brisk Thinking Routines!

As our customers have pointed at throughout the series, we have also enhanced and improved battle record based thinking routines in the iPhone version.

By inputting the player's regular battle methods, the game's AI is improved, while constant revision of the AI and making it more efficient contributes to a reduction of the AI's reaction time.

Moreover, in spite of being an SLG game, there is no cheating due to the thinking routines. Opponents actively challenge to battle the player on even conditions for victory.

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Loot&Obtain Enemy Weapons!

When occupying hostile facilities, a player can plunder and loot for enemy weapons within these facilities.

Consequently, the game offers a new level of enjoyment in that the player can not only demolish the enemy weapons but also choose whether to plunder and take possession of it, and in which way to make use of it.

Also, the looted enemy weaponry can later be used as armament for the own army forces.

Reincorporation of the Popular Game System!

The game system that features "My Battle Units" or "Image Labels" and made the "Gendai Daisenryaku" series so immensely popular is of course applied again.

Therefore, players that purchased the PC version can rest assured to be satisfied while playing the contents of the game.


This function allows you to save an existing battle unit on the moment that you clear a scenario. You can throw your beloved battle unit in a newly started campaign and thus raise your own unique battle force.

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For labeling specific terrain or indicating a prerequisite for victory, "image labels" are stuck on the screen. The feeling of actual field presence can be even more enjoyed because outside the cities famous terrains and building structures are indicated with image labels.

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'HELP' Menu Included!

We have incorporated a "HELP" menu for players ready to enjoy "Gendai Daisenryaku" for the first time.

It functions in explaining in understandable terms the basic controls for moving your troops, occupying buildings, or other special moves.

'Switch Control' Command for Beginners!

No need to worry when a player does not know how to proceed.

When executing the "Switch Control" command, the computer will take charge of the next move and execute the remaining procedures.

When dealing with rather unimportant units, players used to the game can also skip and leave command to the computer using the "Switch Control" command.

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*Screenshots displayed on the homepage are those taken during development.